5 Tips on Choosing a Mortgage Advisor

Mortgages are a complex and important part of our lives. The proper mortgage can help us enjoy our home now and in the future or can cause us major problems. The first step in getting the mortgage that meets your needs is choosing the right mortgage professional to help you with the quagmire of mortgage choices, paperwork and applications needed to get a mortgage loan approved. Many people choose to go through their local bank not realizing the benefits an independent mortgage advisor can bring to the search for the right mortgage.

How do you choose the right mortgage advisor for you and your needs? The following tips will help you identify the professional you choose to work with;

1) Ask friends and families for the names and numbers of the Mortgages NI advisor they used. (You may not want to do this if you do not want people to know about your mortgage needs)

2) Do an internet search for mortgage advisors in your area. Look at their website. Is it professional? Does it provide the physical address of the office? Does the website mention answers for situations like yours?

3) Visit the office the mortgage professional works from. Is it busy? Is it professional?

4) Ask the mortgage advisor questions such as:

How long have you been helping people with their mortgages?

Is this your full time business?

Are you licensed to do business as a broker or agent?

Do you have errors and omissions insurance?

How many lenders do you deal with?

How will you choose the mortgage lender for my mortgage?

How will you get paid for arranging my mortgage?

How will you keep my personal financial information safe?

When I send you a fax does it go to an office or your home?

5) When you speak with the mortgage advisor listen to what he or she says? Do they promise only to get you a good rate? Do they ask you about your needs and plans? Do they focus on you or do they talk about themselves and how great they are?

Using these tips as a guideline to choosing the right mortgage advisor for you can reduce the stress and confusion in arranging a mortgage. Choosing the right mortgage advisor can save thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage.

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