A Divorce Financial Analysis Will Find Hidden Assets and Income

If you are in an adversarial divorce and you are trying to hide things from your spouse and their lawyer you better put the brakes on and reconsider. If you think you can trick the system by hiding assets or your income think again. If your spouse suspects you are hiding money they will hire a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst or a forensic accountant who will find out what is going on by examining your financial data in detail.

They will follow the money. Remember the movie “Jerry McGuire” and the famous line, “Show me the money!” You will have to show your spouse all of the money. Their lawyer will hire someone to “find” hidden assets and income. You may think that you can “park” money with a friend by “hiring” them and paying them a salary… nice try. It won’t work. They will be deposed and have to answer questions by opposing counsel under oath.

My ex-wife hired a CPA for that very reason. She thought (incorrectly) that I was hiding money inside my company and elsewhere. The CPA reported back to her after reviewing all of my personal and Background check business financial records that I was being upfront and honest about my assets and income. This cost me time and of course opportunities to make money instead of defending myself not to mention attorney fees. Take the high road like I did because if you do go to trial, you don’t want to give your spouses side any ammunition to use against you.

If you go before a judge they disdain dishonesty and will slam you. Remember that judges are human beings with biases just like you and me. Another reason for being honest about all of this is to create goodwill with your spouse even if you can’t stand them and despise them. Your goal is to come up with a fair and equitable settlement as soon as possible. So do the right thing and what ever you do, do not listen to your friends about hiding money and assets. You will get caught.

Scott Martin is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst who helps divorcing men like you make sure you don’t get taken advantage of by the divorce racket saving you thousands in costs and helping you get on with your life within 180 days.

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