Ballooning – Why We Love to Float

It sounds like an unlikely scenario: floating high up above the ground, suspended in a wicker basket beneath an enormous balloon. But people do it all the time. Ballooning enthusiasts agree that if you try it once, you’ll want to go up again and again. Here are just a few reasons why we love to float.

It’s calm and serene. A best ballon rides is different than a small plane or a glider. You’re not going anywhere fast. You’re drifting with the winds, watching the cloud formations above you, and taking in the beautiful scenery all around. Ballooning is peaceful and relaxing in a way you can’t find with other small aircraft. There’s no engine noise as there is with a plane or helicopter, and no quick descents as there can be with gliders. There’s simply the occasional sound of the burners and the calm of a clear day. When you take off in a hot air balloon, you really do leave your troubles on earth.

It’s romantic. There’s nothing like floating far above the earth with your sweetheart, a glass of champagne, and a picnic basket. There’s just something romantic about a hot air balloon. Maybe it’s the stunning view. Maybe it’s the wind in your hair. Maybe it’s seeing the world from a new direction, side-by-side. Whatever the reason, a ballooning experience is one of the most romantic gifts you can give your loved one for an anniversary, a birthday, or “just because.”

Kids love it. At the start, a hot air balloon doesn’t look like much. It’s a huge, empty nylon bag, spread out on the ground. But when the burners start inflating the bag with hot air, that slowly begins to change. Gradually, the empty bag fills with air and rises, until it’s a tall, brightly coloured balloon–the biggest one you’ve ever seen. Imagine a child’s wonder at seeing a flat sheet of nylon transform into an enormous, beautiful balloon–and then getting to ride in the sky beneath it, standing safely in a wicker basket. A ride in a hot air balloon is more than just a fun experience for a child. It’s a memory that lasts a lifetime.

The view is incredible. When you’re in a hot air balloon, you’ll see the landscape like you never did before. You usually won’t go as high as you would in a small plane, so you’ll see greater detail on the ground. Green forests, rivers sparkling in the sun, fields full of deer and sheep–you’ll see it all from a new perspective. It’s exciting to follow the twists and turns of your local river, see cloud castles in the distance, and even spot your house from high up. It’s clear that the view from a hot air balloon is like no other.

It’s exciting for everyone. You’re not the only one who will enjoy your hot air balloon ride. Most of the time, you’ll be close enough to the ground to see people. And they’ll see you, too! It’s fun to watch those on the ground look up and catch a glimpse of your balloon. Kids will run to catch up with you, adults will wave, and everyone will point you out to their friends. Ballooning is an activity that catches a lot of attention wherever the winds take you.

There’s nothing to be frightened of. Being up that high can make a lot of people nervous. But first-timers are often surprised to realize that ballooning isn’t scary at all. The take-off is gentle, and the pace is slow and tranquil. The balloon will rise and fall gradually along with the terrain and the thermals. The silence is broken only occasionally by the sound of the burners; most of the time, all you hear are the sounds of nature. When the ride is over, you’ll come down gradually and land with a soft bump. You’re sure to want to try it again–no matter how nervous you were at the start.

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