Buying in Virginia – Stafford Homes For Sale

The Commonwealth of Virginia is a remarkable place to live, offering its residents a wide variety of lifestyle opportunities. One extremely interesting option is the Stafford County area. It is a great area and the Stafford homes for sale are selling at true bargain prices.

Stafford lies between Richmond, the Commonwealth’s capital, and Washington, the nation’s capital. It is the county seat for Stafford County, located in beautiful northern Virginia.

The area is a dream for amateur historians. The fact that George Washington’s boyhood home, Berry Farm, is part of Stafford is only one fascinating tie to the past. This is where the tale of Pocahontas and her relationship with Captain John Smith unfolded and it almost seems as if every historical figure from eighteenth and nineteenth century US history is somehow linked to Stafford.

Today, many people considering Stafford homes for sale are drawn to the area due to its convenient access to Washington, DC. Many government workers and other Washington professionals call Stafford home and the well-developed commuter rail and highway system make travel back and forth from the capital quite convenient.

Stafford homes for sale are also attractive to those with a link to the famed Marine Corps Base of Quantico, which is located nearby. The base is another of the area’s larger employers.

The area is home to a new regional airport, over one hundred and fifty restaurants and several of Virginia’s best elementary and high schools. Stafford County offers an active, growing, vibrant and positive atmosphere.

As part of growing northern Virginia, the Stafford area provides its residents with access to an incomparable range of shopping options. Antique vendors and artisans have hung their shingles throughout the area, as have the major retailers in Potomac Mills large outlet center. Don’t let the calm, natural beauty of the area fool you–one can find anything he or she may need in this part of Virginia!

However, Stafford somehow manages to maintain an attractive small town feel. More than 1,000 acres of parkland and the natural beauty of the area help to keep the County from feeling too crowded or urban. Large old plantation properties and gorgeous equestrian properties assist in maintaining an almost rural feel. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Stafford area really does provide those who call it home with “the best of both worlds.”

Stafford’s ties to the “government economy” have helped it to remain vibrant even during tough economic times and its future looks bright. Amazingly, it is still possible to find wonderful Stafford homes for sale at great prices. A recent survey of offerings revealed everything from beautiful cabins tucked away in the wood to large estates overlooking the Potomac. Prices for Stafford Albemarle County Homes for sale  started at a mere 150,000!

If you are considering a move to northern Virginia, work in Washington, DC, or are looking for a high-potential location for real estate investment, you will undoubtedly want to investigate the many quality Stafford homes for sale. There is no place else in Virginia, or the country for that matter, quite like Stafford County!

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