Cleansing Your Body Internally for Optimum Health

For many of us, our immune systems (and, therefore, our general health and well-being) have been compromised by all of the toxins and pollutants that our bodies have absorbed over the years-some of which have accumulated in our tissues and organs. These toxins and pollutants come to us in the water we drink; the food we eat; the air we breathe; the jewelry with which we adorn ourselves; the amalgams and composites we have had installed in our teeth; the clothes we wear; the detergents and soaps with which we clean; the deodorants, antiperspirants, perfumes, colognes, body lotions and other body products we use; the materials from which our homes and furnishings are made; etc.

This compromising of our immune systems has allowed various foreign parasites and pathogens to take up residence in our bodies. The classification “parasites” can further be divided into protozoa, roundworms, flatworms, tapeworms, and mites. The pathogens include bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and yeast.

These foreign toxins and foreign invaders, either individually or in combination with others, have led to or contributed greatly to many of our chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, HIV, AIDS, asthma, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, etc. In order to regain our health, we must cleanse our bodies of as many of these foreign toxins and foreign invaders as we can.

The information provided herein will teach you how to prevent many of the foreign toxins and pollutants from entering your body. It will also teach you how to perform three (3) of the most important and most beneficial internal  ionicfootbath cleanses you can perform. These are the Parasite and Pathogen Extermination and Cleanse, the Kidney Cleanse, and the Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse/Flush.

(Note: These cleanses are designed to improve the health and well-being of relatively healthy individuals-not individuals with serious chronic diseases. Although individuals with serious chronic diseases would surely benefit from the effects of performing these three cleanses, they would probably require more comprehensive versions of the Parasite and Pathogen Extermination and Cleanse [as well as other protocols used in conjunction with it] in order to obtain complete relief. More comprehensive versions of the Parasite and Pathogen Extermination and Cleanse and other associated protocols targeted at specific diseases should be available on this Web site in the near future.)

(Warning! If an individual with a serious chronic disease performs the Parasite and Pathogen Extermination and Cleanse, he must closely monitor his condition to ensure that cleansing his body of parasites and pathogens does not affect the effects of any medications he may be taking. For example, if an individual has diabetes, he must monitor his glucose level closely. If his adrenal glands begin producing more insulin as a direct result of cleansing parasites and pathogens from them, he must ensure that he does not ingest too much more insulin on his own. Otherwise, the consequences could be tragic! If you have a serious chronic disease for which you are taking medication, make sure that your medication will not adversely affect you if your condition were to suddenly improve as a result of cleansing your body of unwanted parasites and pathogens using the Parasite and Pathogen Extermination and Cleanse.)

The Parasite and Pathogen Extermination and Cleanse

The Parasite and Pathogen Extermination and Cleanse was designed to exterminate and eliminate unwanted parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds and yeast from your body. It accomplishes this task by using a combination of very powerful herbs, as well as a painless electronic method. After an initial five (5) day treatment, you will want to perform weekly treatments upon yourself to ensure the extermination and elimination of any new parasites and pathogens you might have acquired in the interim.

The initial cost of all of the supplements and equipment necessary to perform the Parasite and Pathogen Extermination and Cleanse is well under $200.00. This includes the cost of the electronic device. None of these items are being offered by Health Basics 101, but the Extermination and Cleanse includes the best places to obtain them.

The Kidney Cleanse

The Kidney Cleanse is comprised of a potion made of a combination of powerful roots and a powerful herb taken over a six (6)-week period. This potion will dissolve and eliminate any crystals or stones which might have accumulated in your kidneys and permit them to function optimally.


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