Connecting with Aboriginal Heritage

At Mitcham Social, we are dedicated to fostering a profound connection with the rich and enduring heritage of Australia’s Aboriginal communities. Our commitment to connecting with Aboriginal heritage is rooted in a deep respect for the traditions, wisdom, and contributions of the First Nations people.

We acknowledge and pay respect to the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation, the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which our activities take place. This acknowledgment serves as the foundation of our commitment to building a more inclusive and culturally aware community.

Our aspiration is to establish meaningful connections with the Aboriginal heritage that has shaped this land for millennia. We recognize the deep knowledge, sustainable practices, and spiritual connections to the natural world that Aboriginal communities have nurtured.

We extend our respect to the Elders, both past and present, for their pivotal role in preserving and sharing their cultural traditions. Their leadership and wisdom Drink are invaluable to us as we seek to learn from their experiences and the traditions that have been passed down through the generations.

Connecting with Aboriginal heritage is not just a commitment but an ongoing journey of understanding, respect, and reconciliation. We aim to amplify the voices and contributions of Aboriginal communities, celebrating their cultural richness and fostering a more profound connection with the land and its people. This commitment is an integral part of our mission to promote cultural awareness and unity within our society.

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