Crystals and Gemstones That Facilitate Astral Projection

Gemstones are the treasures of our planet, bringing light, color and sparkle to the necks, ears and hands of people all across the world. Bergkristalle and gemstones have a value that goes beyond the appearance of a beautifully crafted pendant, however. They contain healing properties and promote healing and growth, restore balance and protect from negativity. Each stone has a message and a purpose, and its vibration and energy nurture certain aspect of our lives.

People who are practicing astral projection will find that their transitions into the astral from the physical plane will become much more fluid and natural with the aid of specific gemstones. The stones can be placed underneath a pillow, set in doorways, arranged at the four cardinal points of North, South, East and West or placed in a ring around the bed. It is not necessary to wear gemstone jewelry to get the healing properties from the stone. In fact, many people prefer the stone in its pure, raw form when using them for their metaphysical properties.


    • Tourmalinated Quartz is a clear quartz crystal that is laced or threaded with shimmery black tourmaline crystals. It is a beautiful stone that combines the spiritual properties of each gemstone, giving it remarkable powers of protection and healing. The tourmaline purifies the energy around it, dissolving negativity, while the quartz amplifies the effect of the tourmaline. This stone is excellent for eliminating fear and for protection, and is said to be a facilitator of astral travel. Because it is associated with the third eye chakra, the center for awakening and enlightenment in our bodies, keeping a tourmalinated quartz nearby when meditating or resting could facilitate out-of-body experiences of a very mystical, marvelous nature.


    • Flourite is a handsome stone that comes in colors ranging from yellow to purple to clear or even white. Each color has its own unique qualities, yet all flourite carries the same basic energies of protection and well being. Flourite purifies energy, which cleanses you and promotes a healthy aura and balanced chakras. It also fosters intuition and aids in seeking out one’s true spiritual path. All of these traits make it a valuable stone in regards to astral projection.


    • Angelite is a serene, celestial blue flecked stone that carries a high vibration, making it ideal for communicating with higher realms, angels and wise guides. The soothing, loving energies that this stone emits will give strength and support to you during your astral adventures, insuring that whatever experience you create while you are in the astral plane, it will be filled with benevolent love and healing. Placing this stone over your third eye during meditation before astral projection can result in some of the most precious and profound moments of absolute love and acceptance once you have reached the astral plane.


  • Moldavite is a very rare gemstone, hugely valuable in terms of its unique energies and its effects upon humans, for you see, Moldavite is the only extraterrestrial stone known to man. It came to Earth 15 million years ago in the form of a large fiery meteor, bringing with it the properties of action, change, transformation and acceptance. The fire of purification and change still burns in this stunning deep green stone. When used in astral projection, it is said to facilitate transformation with passion and intensity. The novice traveler might want to take caution when using this stone, but the experienced seeker will relish its dynamic, active essence.


Each of these beautiful stones imparts their unique wisdom upon the journey through the astral. Used alone or combined with other gemstones for strength, healing and support, these natural guides can lend their vibrations to your astral travel and bring you untold joy in your experiences out-of-body.


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