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Today everyone might accept that proper allocation of money is very much needed to avoid strenuous financial crisis in your personal as well as professional life. In this regard a financial planner can guide you the best to arrange your financial issues through proper planning. They can help you to manage your cash flow, education planning, investment planning, retirement planning, risk management and insurance planning, tax planning, estate planning and business succession planning (for business owners). Presently the demand is so huge that anyone can build up a successful career and earn attractive remuneration in this profession. So we have to know who can become a financial advisor Singapore.

How to Become a financial planner

Minimum educational requirement to enter into this profession is a master’s or a bachelor’s degree in disciplines like Finance, Economics, Statistics, Accounting, Business Administration or any other relevant discipline. Moreover, graduates of other disciplines or even after completing high school exam one can become a planner. To become a certified professional all sorts of students have to attend certification classes and after successfully qualifying the Certification Exam, known as CEF one can establish as a recognized Financial Planner.

Job as a planner

Now, we have to remember that they specialize in the planning aspects of finance, in particular personal finance, and it is restricted within limited resources. In contrast with a stock broker who is generally concerned with the investments, or with a life insurance intermediary who advises on risk products, financial planning’ chiefly deal with individuals. Therefore, as a financial planner you have to determine an individual’s financial goals, purposes in life and life’s priorities, and after properly judging his resources, risk profile and current lifestyle, prescribing a balanced and realistic plan in order to meet all the goals successfully.

People’s expectations

People’s expectations from these planners are:

  1. Most of the people are unable to find direction and meaning in their financial decisions, and they wish that financial planners will help them to create the greatest possibilities of achieving all financial goals within the estimated time.
  2. Moreover, they wish to get clear idea how each financial decision affects other areas of finance.
  3. And finally adopt a life style that allow them to feel financially balanced for longer period of time and to have a frequently-updated sensible plan in order to avoid any major unexpected financial event.

Some well known organizations

Some of the well known financial planning organizations are: Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM), one of the largest growing which focuses on developing critical relationship management skills for them and advisors. Another organization is European Financial Planner (EFP), the largest professional and educational organization for those and financial advisors in Europe, and this is the lone Financial Planning Association created solely in the interest of European financial planning consumers and practitioners.

So, if you are struggling to get a job but wishing to gain huge success in your professional career, choose the profession and feel the change. It is found that in America alone the demand of it has increased upto 27 percent this year and still increasing. Don’t wait much, just become a financial planner and get promising and rewarding job.


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