How To Choose The Right Airbrush

Choosing The Right Airbrush

Airbrushing is a hugely popular hobby, however if you are new to model making and using an airbrush to add the finishing touches then the terms involved and the choice on the market can be a daunting one, as there a lot of great brands that offer high quality products.

When you are looking into investing in an airbrush you need to take some of the following into consideration:


  • What type of paint or fluid you wish to spray
  • What level of detail you require
  • How much control you need over the airbrush
  • What Is your budget or price range


The Airbrush Terms Explained

The terms used for airbrushes can be a little complicated, so some of them are explained below:


    • Feed – This is the way that the paint enters the airbrush. Gravity feeds have a cup on top, reduce the air pressure required; siphon or side feed have the cup or bottle airbrush makeup on the side, meaning that you have more freedom of movement; suction feed has the paint source underneath, and are best utilised when large volumes of paint are needed.


    • Mix – this is where the air and the paint mix – with an external mix the air is mixed outside the airbrush, and this produces a larger dot pattern which means less detailed finishes. Internal mix is when the paint and air are mixed inside the airbrush, resulting in a smaller more concentrated spray, and a more detailed finish.


    • Nozzles and needles – These are the parts of the airbrush that concentrate the fluid and push it forward onto the surface that you wish to paint. The needle is responsible for releasing the fluid onto the surface and the nozzle connects the airbrush to the needle. This can be manipulated, in order to chose the amount of fluid released.


  • Air Source – this is what propels the paint through the airbrush and onto the surface you are applying paint to. There are various options when it comes to air supplies; commonly compressors are used as they provide a steady source of clean air; canisters of CO2 can be a cost effective method of providing an air source.


Which Airbrush Is Best For Me?

There are a number of high quality brands that you could choose when you are investing in an airbrush, it just depends on what purpose you have for it, and how often you will use it, in order to decide whether you’re getting the right return on your investment. Some of the options include:


    • Iwata – probably the most recognised airbrush brand in the world; and often regarded as the most trusted name in the industry. Iwata produce a range of high quality airbrushes, each with unique specialties and applications that they are best for; so for example the Iwata Eclipse Range is noted for versatility and being suitable for a range of purposes, while the iwata revolution series are greta value for money and suitable for people of any skill level.


    • Badger – Badger brushes are ideal for beginners, and they come in a range of single or dual action. These versatile airbrushes are great for model making, nail art, ceramic painting and illustration.


  • Paasche – Paasche airbrushes are renowned for being made from high quality materials; their products are tried and tested by professionals in crafts and airbrushing. Paasche produce a range of single and double action airbrushes, suitable for activities like modelling and body tanning.


Before you make a final decision on which airbrush is best for you, be sure to take into consideration what you will be using the airbrush for, the level of quality you require and how much you want to spend on it.

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