Keeping Your Dog’s Steel Wire Crate Clean

With frequent use, a steel wire dog crate will become dirty, just like any other type of dog crate. These types of dog crates can be a little bit of a hassle to clean, because they don’t have convenient, flat surfaces for you to wipe down. However with a bit of knowledge, time and practice, you too can quickly and easily clean out your dog’s steel wire crate.

First and foremost, it is important to realize that the frequency with which you will need to clean your dog’s steel wire crate or cage is directly related to how often your dog uses the crate. If your dog uses the crate for some period of time every day, then you will at least need to clean it out once a week. If your dog frequently uses the bathroom inside of his steel wire crate, then you will need to clean it out at least once a day.

For bathroom accidents inside the crate, remove kawat paku or soak up as much of the feces or urine as is possible. Then apply a safe, non toxic cleaning solution to the area. After the cleaning solution has disinfected the area, wipe it away and be sure not to leave any residual solution.

For general upkeep cleaning, wipe down the bottom pan where the dog stands. The wipe the steel wiring with a cloth and some non toxic cleaning solution. Be sure to wipe down both the insides and outsides of the steel wiring. This is the part that can be something of a pain in the neck, but with a little practice, you will be able to quickly and easily accomplish this task.

After you have thoroughly cleaned your pup’s steel wire crate, it’s time to resupply it with your dog’s favorite blankets, toys, food and water.

With frequency, time, and practice, cleaning out your dog’s steel wire crate can be a task that you can accomplish quickly and easily with very little hassle.

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