Making Sure Your Mercedes Mirror is Properly Set For Safety

One of the best driving safety tips is to keep all of your vehicle’s mirrors correctly aligned. Believe it or not, mirrors can cause serious accidents, especially if they are not working against your blind spots. Keep reading for some hints on how to keep your Mercedes mirror properly aligned at all times.

Rearview Mirror:
You want to always keep your rearview mirror looking straight out the back window. You want to try to frame the window in the mirror. As you may know, most drivers tend to position themselves differently every time they enter the driver’s seat. That usually makes it necessary to adjust the rearview mirror. Just be sure that you properly adjust it each time. During the night, you should use the bottom lever to flip your mirror upward.

Passenger- Side Mirror:
This mirror should be precisely aligned as well. You should be able to see a tiny bit of the side of your car when looking at this mirror. This will help you determine if everything else is oriented correctly as well. Also, be sure that this mirror isn’t tipped too far up or too far down, this will only provide a skewed vision that is potentially dangerous.

Driver- Side Mirror:
Be sure that this mirror is positioned so tesla model y side mirror replacement that you can see a tiny sliver of your car as well as the road straight back. As you might have realized, you will still have a “blind spot” with this mirror. This means you will not be able to see cars that are slightly behind and to the side of you. No amount of adjusting can prevent this blind spot from existence. That is why cautious driving is so important.

When it comes to vehicle’s mirrors, they should always be properly adjusted, especially before you take off in the city or on the expressway. It doesn’t matter if you have a top of the line or a small fish-eye mirror that supposedly helps remove the blind spot. These blind spots are inevitable so in combination of perfectly oriented mirrors, you should always be a defensive driver and check over your shoulder and through other windows. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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