Minka Aire Ceiling Fans – Distinctive & Eccentric Elegance For Your Home Decor!

Minka Aire ceiling fans are among the most highly varied in the ceiling fan world. They do more than just run the gamut – Minka Aire fans sprint Carl Lewis style from one end of what one could imagine, straight through to the other end of plausibility. And in between, they do not leave out many possibilities. The MinkaAire ceiling fan line goes from downright traditional models such as the Mesa, all the way to the depths of madness with fans like the Cirque model. Let us discuss a few of the most fashionable models of Minka fans, and just what makes them so eccentric.

The most “vanilla” MinkaAire ac repair in Conway is the rather amusingly named Ultra-max. A picture of this fan could pretty much be in the dictionary right next to “ceiling fan.” Absolutely no person who was born since electricity became commonplace would be especially amazed upon seeing this fan.

And then there is the Las Islas fan. Of all the Minka fans, this is the only one that seriously resembles a bongo drum. Indeed, if one were sitting on the ground facing upward, most people would probably try to pound out a rhythm on it.

Then there is the Adare model. This fan looks like it would have been extremely edgy… in the 1920s. Its light fixtures and matching base are of an orange shade, and have lovely spots about them.

And no article about Minka Aire ceiling fans could be complete without mentioning the Wing model. You read the tense correctly – it is just one wing. The main body features a single piece which organically stretches outward into a shape that would look completely appropriate on a top secret military aircraft whose technology was derived from space aliens.

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