Plumbing Valet Service – What is it?

Dallas is very well known for having one of the worse soils for construction and plumbing. The shifting nature of the ground make the piping under ground to be always under stress. Also the “hard water” coming from the different lakes in the area will make the pipes of your house in Dallas to deteriorate really fast.

In Dallas you will now find a solution to this problem. Some qualified plumbers in the Dallas area offer a unique concept for plumbing maintenance called Plumbing Valet Service. It allows you to protect your home from costly unexpected plumbing problems and water damage. You could consider it as plumbing repair prevention. But how does it work?

It usually involves enrolling in a private club or program that offers this plumbing security service. You enroll in the program through a qualified Dallas plumber. Only one in a hundred Plumber Narellan qualify to offer this kind of program, and they must have special certifications in order to do so. So you know that if you are offered this advantages, you are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy plumber in Dallas.

Once you become a member, a certified Dallas plumber will give your home a complete and thorough inspection, and once a year they will make an appointment for another inspection. This is not just any inspection, though. All the toilets in your home will be checked and tested for leaks and proper operation. Any minor adjustments will be made. All your faucets are tested and are put through a rigid performance test. If they do not pass any aspect of the test, minor adjustments would be performed as well. All of the exposed water lines will be checked for corrosion. All the piping under your bathroom and kitchen sinks will be checked for any signs of possible corrosion or potential problems. All the drains in the house will be checked above and below the sinks for leaks and clogs. Your washing machine hoses and valves will be thoroughly checked and tested. And, finally, your water heater will be flushed and checked for safety, leaks and any signs of corrosion. This may be the most important maintenance check that you could have done because water heaters are a major cause of water damage in households every year in Dallas because of the “hard water loaded with minerals” in the region, and can be dangerous. Keeping this piece of equipment, as well as all the other items mentioned above, in tip top shape will give you peace of mind. In all, over 100 items are on the standard checklist for this type of plumbing valet service offered in Dallas.

Once the inspection is finished, a complete analysis is given to you and any problems discovered are discussed. If repairs are needed, some programs usually also include a significant discount, 25% off, such repairs or even more. Make sure to ask the Dallas plumber what kind of guarantee they are offering on any repairs they make. Most will give a 3 to 5 year guarantee minimum with the membership. The good programs usually work as a savings account. What you pay monthly accumulates until it is needed.

As a member of the plumbing valet service, you receive many benefits. The cost for membership can vary, but usually is less than $10 a month – a small price to pay for peace of mind. Discovering a leak or a damaged pipe before it breaks and before it causes water damage is a huge money saver, not to mention the stress and inconvenience it could spare you. A regular inspection of your plumbing system is the only way to spot these problems in advance and prevent a catastrophe waiting to happen.



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