Reasons Why Some Perfumes Cost More Than Others

Perfumes are basically fragranced mixtures of aromatic compounds or oils blended into a carrier base. These carrier bases are usually alcohol, water, oil or wax form, depending on the type of perfume being made. The ingredients used in a perfume can be natural, man-made or a combination of both. Aside from the brand and manufacturer, the ingredients used in a blend usually determine how expensive it will be.

So what are the special materials used in perfumes that make them expensive?

One of the reasons why a scent might be expensive is if it contains natural dossier perfume ingredients. In most shopping scenarios, when something is described as natural, that usually means you pay a premium for it. For instance, it is not uncommon to find some luxury perfumes or fine fragrances that contain precious essential oils like Boronia, Jasmine, Tuberose or Rose oil which are very expensive.

Likewise, top perfume makers occasionally use the ‘secret ingredient’ gimmick to substantiate the high selling price of their perfumes. Claims of special formulas that contains rare aromatics is another means used to justify the high premium they charge for their perfumes. In addition, there are some niche perfume houses that make limited edition perfumes that they sell at pricey cost because demand for that product outstrips supply.

Packaging is another factor that affects the cost of a perfume. Likewise, perfume bottles also contribute to the skyrocketing price of luxury perfumes. Some perfume manufacturers prefer to use costly and stylish bottles. These can be hand-made, or made of special materials like crystal. A stunningly elegant and artistic perfume bottle may be just about enough to tempt someone into purchasing the fragrance. This is especially so in the cases of those who like to collect fancy perfume bottles.

Marketing and advertisement are two other elements that can add to the cost of a perfume. The expense of the promotion of a perfume can have a high impact on what it is sold for. This is so particularly where designer perfumes are concerned. They usually explode on the market in an avalanche of expensive advertising campaigns in the media. This is one of the sticking point for a lot of people who feel that brand name perfumes are priced unfairly. They feel that since the high cost of the scent is not down to the use of expensive ingredients, it is unjustified.

On the other end of the spectrum are the more affordable middle range and cheap perfumes for those who like to smell good without feeling ripped off. There are many fantastic perfumes out there to fit most types of budgets. Yes, we are currently in the middle of a world-wide economic down turn, with most people tightening their belts and spending carefully. Yet still, people continue to buy perfumes to enhance their beauty and hygiene.

It is therefore important to know that a perfume is not necessarily poor in quality because it is reasonably priced. Some high-end brands have been known to come up with very poor quality perfumes and still charge a premium for it. So, no matter what goes on with the world’s economy, the perfume industry continues to make huge profits every year, with a lot of new players jumping on the band wagon to get their piece of the highly lucrative perfume pie.


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