Seven Good Reasons to Go For a Hosted VoIP Solution

If you are like most people, you may also have some confusion while deciding which telecom solution best serves your purpose. This article explains one of the possible solutions that is the hosted VoIP solution and details how you could benefit.

Here are seven good reasons why you should opt for a hosted VoIP telecom solution.

1. Less Expensive

This type of telecom solution is significantly less expensive as compared to other available telecom options. The reason why hosted Poly Headset Dubai solution is relatively less expensive is that it requires minimum equipment and the call rates are considerably cheap. Another reason for this kind of solution to be inexpensive is that you do not have to bear the cost of the hosted PBX in case you are availing the service.

2. Easy to Install and Operate

All you need to be functionally operative is the VoIP telephone sets, a reliable and fast internet connection, and a VoIP subscription. The option of combining VoIP phone system with hosted PBX make the hosted telecom solution even more feature rich and highly practical.

3. Multiple Location Handling

One great feature of this telecom solution is its capability of handling multiple locations. VoIP phone system integrated with a hosted PBX is a great telecom solution. You can have people working for your business virtually in any location. You can even have people working for you overseas with access to local numbers.

4. Cloud Telephony

Since hosted VoIP is a cloud based telecom service, you get to enjoy all the benefits that come with this technology. You can have automated telephone facilities delivered to any phone, at any location anytime, eliminating the hassles of owning and maintaining costly telecom equipment.

5. Ideal for Small Business

The ease of installation and the low cost make hosted VoIP the best telecom solution for small and medium sized concerns. In addition, you can seamlessly add more numbers to your existing setup as your business grows.

6. Automated Value Added Services

Hosted VoIP solution provide you some highly practical value added features such as voice mail, conference calling, auto attendants, direct delivery of voice mail and faxes to your inbox, call recording, 24/7 monitoring and management facility and much more.

7. Data Transfer Capabilities

In addition to the voice handling capability, hosted VoIP Solution can also transfer data, which means you get to transfer data files such as photos, reports and other stuff over the same voice / internet connection.


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